Best Boxer Crate Size for Puppies and Adult Dogs

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When it comes to choosing the best boxer crate size for your Boxer puppy or adult dog, there are a few things you need to take into account. In this article I will help you learn about crate training your Boxer, give important considerations to look for when choosing a crate for your Boxer and tell what the best Boxer crate size is for both puppies and adult dogs.

About Crate Training Your Boxer Dog

If you are new to crate training, or just want to learn more about it, Crate training is the process of teaching your dog to accept and feel comfortable in a crate.

The first step in crate training is finding the right crate for your boxer. We will discuss the specifics of what size crate for a Boxer puppy as well as adults in the next section.

Once you have the perfect crate, the next step is to get your boxer used to it. Start by putting their food and water dishes inside and letting them eat and drink in there. Then, over time, start closing the door for short periods of time while they are in the crate. gradually increase the amount of time they spend in the crate until they are comfortable being in there for longer periods of time.

Boxer Crate Size Benefits

Crate training can be a great way to help your boxer feel safe and secure, and it can also be a useful tool for potty training. This is because dogs naturally do not like to soil their sleeping area. If you leave them in the crate for a few hours and take them outside right before and directly after spending time in the crate they will begin to associate that time with being taken outside.

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When it comes to choosing the best boxer crate size for your pup or adult Boxer, there are some important considerations to look for.

You DO NOT want use the crate as a punishment. You want to train your puppy to associate going to the crate as a positive experience. In most cases, you will find when they get tired, they will go to their crate and sleep with the door open.

Benefits of Crate Training Your Dog

There are many benefits to crate training your Boxer. In addition, regardless of what you read on the Internet, crate training is not cruel and can have several benefits to keeping your dog safe and happy.

Some of the key benefits include:

· Giving them a safe place to feel comfortable and secure

· Encouraging good potty habits and reducing accidents in the house

· Making it easy to travel with your dog or leave them home without worrying about messes

Crate Training

· Providing a safe place to rest while you are out of the house

Important Considerations to Look for When Choosing a Crate for Your Boxer

There are several factors you should consider when choosing the best crate for your boxer:

– Size – Does it have enough room for your boxer to stand up, turn around and lie down comfortably?

– Durability – Will it be able to withstand chewing from a puppy or an adult dog?

– Ventilation – Does it have adequate ventilation to keep your boxer cool and comfortable?

– Portability – If you plan on traveling with your boxer, is the crate easy to transport?

– Locking mechanism – Does the crate have a locking mechanism to keep your boxer safe and secure?

What Crate Size for A Boxer Puppy

The best crate size for a boxer puppy will depend on several factors, including the age and size of your puppy, as well as whether you have an adult boxer or a puppy. When it comes to choosing a crate for a boxer puppy, most experts agree that the best option is either a wire crate with a divider or a soft-sided plastic crate.

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I have always preferred a wire crate with a divider for my boxer puppies. The wire crate allows plenty of ventilation, which is important for keeping your puppy cool in the summer months. It also provides plenty of space for them to move around and play.

The divider allows you to adjust the size of the crate as your puppy grows, so you don’t have to buy a new crate every few months. In addition, you can still cover the crate to make it more cozy and private for your puppy if you choose.

The recommended dimensions for each type of crate are as follows:

– A wire crate with a divider should have a minimum of 24″W x 36″H x 48″L to allow plenty of room for your boxer puppy to grow. You will be able to use this crate throughout their puppyhood and into adulthood.

– A soft-sided plastic crate should be at least 30″L x 21″W x 24″H for a puppy and include a way to partition off part of the crate. In the long run, you will need to move to a larger wire crate, but this can be used for travel or short-term use.

What Crate Size For Boxers That Are Full Grown

The average size of a full grown adult Boxer is below:

Male: 24-27 inches tall and 60-70 pounds

Female: 21-23 inches tall and 54-65 pounds

When choosing a crate for an adult Boxer, it’s important to choose one that is large enough for them to comfortably move around and stretch out in.

The best crate size for an adult boxer will depend on the size of your dog. Most experts recommend a wire crate that is at least 42″L x 28″W x 30″H. This will give your dog plenty of room to move around and still allow you to cover the crate if needed.

Other options for an adult Boxer include a soft-sided plastic crate or a travel kennel. The key is to choose a crate that gives your dog plenty of space, but is also sturdy enough to withstand their chewing and playful behavior.

Overall, the best way to choose the right crate size for your boxer is to take into account their weight, height and age. You also want to make sure that the crate is big enough for them to turn around comfortably, lie done and stretch out in. If you have any questions about what size crate is right for your dog, be sure to consult with a veterinarian or dog trainer for guidance.

The Best Best Dog Crates for Boxer Dogs and Puppies

The crates below are my favorite crates I have used for my Boxers. Each of them are suitable crate size for your Boxer puppy all the way to adulthood.

iCrate by MidWest Homes – Best Crate for Boxers

The MidWest iCrate is by far my favorite crate and the one I use most often for my Boxers. It is the perfect size for Boxers, from puppies all the way up to adult dogs. It is also very sturdy, so it can withstand chewing and playful behavior. The wire mesh is also great for ventilation and keeping your dog cool in the summer months.

It has two door entrances for easy access and easy room placement. The divider is adjustable so you can adjust the size of the crate as your puppy grows. When folded, it includes carrying handles for easy transport.

Overall, this is one of the best crates on the market for Boxers and is reasonably priced to boot. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great crate for their dog.

The crate folds up for easy moving and is a great dog travel crate. One drawback, though this is specific to all 42″ crates is it makes for a tight fit in the car. I have a Honda Odyssey and if the seats are all the way back, the crate just barely fits. If you have a larger vehicle, this size dog crate can be a great portable crate.

Amazon Basics Single-Door & Double-Door Folding Metal Dog Crate – Best Crate for Boxers Runner-Up

This is another great crate for Boxers. It is similar to the iCrate in terms of size and construction. It is available in both a single and double door version. The extra door can be helpful if you need to put the crate in a corner or tight space.

The crate is made of steel wire with a black E-coat finish, so it won’t bend or break under pressure. It also offers plenty of ventilation, great for your Boxer pup.

If you have the space, they also have a xxl dog crate (48 inch crate) that is great for larger Boxers.

The main reason I switched to the Midwest crate is I like the divider better and feel it is a bit sturdier than the Amazon Basics crate.

Overall, this crate offers value and quality at a good price point. Overall, I would recommend it to anyone looking for a sturdy crate for their Boxer.

Carlson Pet Crate – Honorable Mention

Just like my top two choices, the Carlson crate is a great choice for Boxers. It is available in a variety of sizes, so you can find the perfect one for your pup. I went with the 42 inch dog crate for my Boxer.

This crate is made with all steel construction and has a single door design. Overall, probably the sturdiest crate of the one’s I have tested. I also like the locking system to keep your pup safe and secure. The crate also features a removable tray for easy cleaning.

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The big drawback for me is it does not include a divider. In addition, it is only a single door, so it can be a little more difficult to place in tight spaces.

Overall, this is a heavy duty dog crate for your Boxer with good support from the manufacturer. For those who want a sturdy and well-made crate, I would highly recommend this one.

Wrapping Up

Choosing a crate size for a boxer dog can be tricky. With so many different options, it can be hard to know which one is the best for your pup. The three crates above are the best I have found and would recommend them to anyone looking for a great cage for their Boxer.

Do you have any tips or experiences with choosing the best crate size for your Boxer? Share them in the comments below!


Below are some frequently asked questions about boxer crate size:

How Long Can You Crate A Dog?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on a number of different factors. These include your dog’s health, age, and overall behavior when being crated. Generally speaking, however, most dogs can be safely crated for up to 4 hours at a time. If you notice that your dog is whining or acting out in the crate, it is best to let them out as they may be feeling anxious.

What Is The Best Way To Crate Train A Dog?

Crate training can be a great way to help your dog feel more comfortable in their crate. It is important to start slowly and gradually increase the amount of time your dog spends in the crate. You should also make sure to reward them when they go in the crate without issue and make the experience as positive as possible.

Should I Put My Dog’s Crate In My Bedroom?

There is no right or wrong answer to this question, as different people may have different preferences. That being said, many dog owners do prefer to have the crate in their bedroom as it can help keep them from getting lonely at night or during the day when you are not home. Ultimately, though, you should pick whatever works best for your dog and you.

Should I Put A Blanket Over My Dog’s Crate?

The airflow in your dog’s crate can be impeded if the cover is completely closed. To avoid snags and unraveling, keep blankets away from heat sources, ensuring the fabric is breathable, and steer clear of knit blankets. In humid summer weather, keep an eye on the crate to make sure it doesn’t overheat.

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