Boxer Dog Breed Characteristics

Boxers were originally bred in Germany in the late 1800s. They are a medium-sized dog with a short coat and a square build. The breed is noted for its distinctive fawn markings on a white background, usually with some kind of black markings on the face and ears. In this article, we will look at the Boxer Dog breed characteristics across several important categories to help you determine if a Boxer might be right for you.

Boxers have a great personality, and they are known for their love of people. They are affectionate and loyal to their people but very protective of them as well. They are strong dogs who do not get along well with cats or other small pets. Boxers require a lot of exercise, so they do best in homes with a large yard where they can run around and play.

Boxer Breed Overview

The Boxer is a breed of medium-sized dog that was originally bred in Germany. Their body has a shape of a Square, while their length is about the same as their height. The coat of the Boxer is short and they have fawn markings on a white background with either black or some kind of other markings on their face and ears.

On average a male Boxer will grow to around 13 – 25 inches in height with the female being a few inches shorter. A fully mature Boxer male can weigh up to 80 pounds while a female will normally be between 50 – 65 pounds. The average lifespan of boxers is between 10 – 12 years.

Boxer Dog Breed Characteristics

Boxers are known for their energetic and playful personality and are noted for their great affection towards their people. They are very loyal to the people they have been raised with and will bond strongly with them but they sometimes do not get along too well with other dog breeds and can be aggressively territorial.

One of the Boxer dog breed characteristics they are know for is their high intelligence level. This means that they are capable of learning things quickly and easily when trained properly. This high intelligence can also cause some problems with inexperienced owners as they will take some time to teach the obedience needed for a good Boxer because of their high intelligence.

Boxer Dog Energy Level

Boxers also have a tendency to be very protective of whoever they are raised around. The breed is not aggressive by nature but will bark at strangers if they feel their family is threatened. They are also not very aggressive but will defend themselves if needed. It is important not only to socialize your Boxer early on but also make sure that the people around him are nice people as well.

In regards to being kid and family friendly the Boxer is considered great in both these areas. The Boxer has a very playful and loving personality which is great towards children and other people. They seem to have a sixth sense in knowing children are small and are typically very gentle and nurturing towards youngsters.

Boxer Energy Level

Boxers have a lot of energy which means that they will need a lot of exercise. They usually need an hour or two of exercise every day in order for them to be happy and content. Normally a nice romp in the yard followed up by a walk and they are good for the day.

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In addition to exercise, your Boxer will benefit from games that challenge their intellect such as hide and seek or different treat puzzles for them to solve. I have used treat puzzles for years with our Boxers and it is a great way to keep them entertained while we are away at work during the day.

Once the Boxer becomes too bored, their intelligence starts to become a burden and they can get into trouble finding new toys out of items around the house they normally would not be getting into.

Boxer Dog Breed Characteristics: Affection Level

Boxers are known for their strong affection levels and being the center of attention. Although they are large in stature, they are what I consider a lap dog, meaning if you are sitting you will have most likely have a Boxer in your lap sooner than later. They are very loving and affectionate to their family and although they do get along great with children it is important to monitor children when they play with your Boxer. A Boxer that is treated as a member of the family will treat them as a friend and will be very loyal to them.

Boxer Barking Level

The Boxer tends to be a fairly quiet dog. They are not typically that good at barking but some can develop an issue where they will bark at anything outside. This is something that should be taken into consideration when looking at a Boxer as it may not fit in well with your home environment.

Boxer Playfulness

Boxers are very playful dogs and can be viewed as the class clown of the dog breeds. They are constantly playing with their toys and family members, but also do a lot of running around in the yard. One tendency they have is jumping up to see their family members. This is a habit you will want to break at an early age, we have a full article with some different methods to get your Boxer to stop jumping up.

Boxer Temperament

One of the best Boxer dog breed characteristics is they have a very good temperament and make great family pets. They love kids and most people who meet them will quickly fall in love with the little charmer. They are not an aggressive breed but make serviceable watch dogs as they will bark at intruders and protect their family if need be.


As you can see, the Boxer dog has some great breed characteristics that make them one of the most loved breeds for families. They are very playful dogs that are very affectionate and protective of who they are around. When it comes to the Boxer dog breed characteristics, they can make a wonderful companion animal if socialized and trained correctly.

Boxer Dog Breed Characteristics FAQ

Are Boxer Dogs Kid Friendly?

The Boxer comes from a long line of dogs that are good with children. They love kids and are very friendly towards them. However, make sure to keep an eye on the children when playing with your Boxer as they can be very bouncy and will knock over ones they are playing with.

Do Boxers Have Separation Anxiety?

The Boxer is not a breed that has separation anxiety. Due to their strong connection to their family, some Boxers can get separation anxiety. For the most part, they are very happy dogs and are not known to act out when they are alone by chewing objects or howling. If you do leave your Boxer at home on a regular basis you will want to think about crate training your dog to keep them from getting into anything they may find around the house which could be bad for their health.

Can Boxer Dogs Swim?

Yes, Boxers can swim but due to their heavy chest they are do not excel at swimming. If you have a Boxer do not leave them in a pool or pond for long periods of time. They enjoy more wadding low water and exploring trails for outdoor activities.

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