Boxer Dog Breeding

Today I am going to touch on the topic of Boxer dog breeding. This is not something I can recommend you do as there is already an overpopulation of dogs that need good homes. With that said, I am a realist and know I am not going to convince everyone not to breed their Boxer so figure it is best to provide some sound and accurate information on the process.

Boxer Dog Breeding for Beginners

To get started you are going to need a few things.

A Pair of Boxers

For the Boxer pair I will assume you most likely already have one or maybe a pair. In the one round of pups we did, we had both the male and female.

You will want to make sure the Boxers are are similar in size. You do not want to breed a large male with a petite female as this could be asking for trouble as the petite female may have problems passing large puppies or may not be suitable for breeding.

Prior to breeding, we did a check with our vet to make sure our female would not have any issues breeding or being paired with our male.

A Good Vet

This is imperative, even if you are knowledgeable on dog health and breeding, the chances of not needing assistance from a vet is slim to none. Make sure to accurately describe to your vet your plans on breeding your Boxer and have a good working relationship with them prior to starting down the path of breeding a dog.

Also, it is imperative to actually listen to the advice the vet gives you. If they feel strongly that your dog may have medical issues to prevent breeding, do not risk it and stop here.

Breeding is Expensive – Savings to Cover Expenses

This is so important, there can be so many unforeseen issues arise from from complications during pregnancy, to difficulties birthing and finally issues after the birth.

In my experience, we had issues during the pregnancy along with some issues after the birth of the Boxer puppies. Both were expensive and this is why I ask you to heed my warning, breeding a dog is expensive.

As far as savings needed, it will vary by each case but I would make sure you have Thousands saved up vs hundreds. All together we probably spent over $4,000 for one breeding on vet and other expenses. This was fine for us as we were not looking to make money and actually homed the puppies for free with a no breed, no register clause, with the exception of the one we kept.

Learn All You Can About the Breeding Process

Do not go into breeding blind, outside of discussing and collecting feedback from your vet, there are other great ways to gather information.

  • Join some boxer forums and read about others experiences and lessons learned. Also, ask lots of questions.
  • Check out breeder’s websites to see if they offer tips. Reach out to other breeders to discuss the process and what things to consider.
  • I highly recommend you get a good boxer breed book and start reading about the Boxer breed history, personality characteristics and details of breeding. This book is a great way to introduce yourself to the breeding process.

How old does a boxer dog needs to be to breed?

The fact that a female Boxer can go into heat so early may come as a shock to some owners. Between the ages of six months and one year, boxer dogs often experience their first heat.

Although they come into their first heat cycle at an early age, the proper boxer dog breeding age does not occur until they are at least 2 – 3 years to ensure the female is fully developed. Again, always check with your vet to get an accurate time.

How Long is a Boxer Dog Pregnant?

A dog’s pregnancy lasts about two months (right around 62 – 64 days), even though the Merck Veterinary Manual warns that “predicting the timing of a delivery could be tricky because breeding dates do not normally match the date of conception.” Pregnancy duration can also be affected by factors such as breed and litter size.

Breeding a Boxer Dog

If your Boxer becomes pregnant you can see our full post on how to determine they are prgnant, how to care for the female during pregnancy and how to whelp the Boxer puppies in our post Boxer Dog Pregnancy

How Many Boxer Puppies Are in A Litter?

On average, first time Boxer females will have between 5 – 7 puppies.

What Are Some Common Boxer Cross Breeds?

If you did not have your pet spayed or neurtured and the pregnancy was accidental there is a chance you may end up with a Boxer cross. Some common Boxer Cross breeds you may want to look for to identify the father (this is starting to sound like a Jerry Springer show lol). are:

Boxer Pitbull mix

Boxer Lab mix

Boxer Terrier mix

Boxer Chow mix

You will want to check around for other male dogs in your neighborhood to potentially find the mate so you can advise the vet.

Consider Adopting an Older Boxer

Thought I would end on a final note to try to sway you on adopting. There are some great Boxer rescues out there and should you find yourself wanting to breed a dog, you may want to consider adopting an older dog vs buying or breeding one. Often times there are amazing dogs in shelters just waiting for their chance at a loving home. To find a Boxer rescue in your area you can use the list located here.

Breeding is not something most people plan on doing but it can be done and can result in happy healthy puppies if you take some time learn your options and get the right equipment ready beforehand.

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