Boxer Dog Popularity

Boxer dog popularity is on the rise. With the right owners, they can be wonderful dogs and will even protect their family from any harm. Boxers are known as a “gentle giant.” You should never find a Boxer jumping or barking. They are a gentle breed that loves to be petted and shown affection.

Boxers did not first become a recognized breed until the late 19th century. In earlier times, they were used as hunters and guard dogs. Today, they are one of the most popular dog breeds (14th overall in the US according to AKC registrations) to adopt as pets.

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Here’s a few reasons why Boxers are so popular:

They look adorable! Boxers have short legs and big heads with square snouts. That’s what makes them so cute! They are also very muscular and strong dogs that are alert and have a keen sense of smell.

They are intelligent. They know how to sit, stay, come and heel. They will also bark when they want food or exercise! This makes them a good companion to have around the home. They are great with children too!

They love to play! Boxers aren’t just cute; they’re playful too. They love running and playing with each other in the yard or backyard. They love to run even with the neighbor’s dogs too! A boxer dog’s favorite playtime is in the park, of course.

Boxers are great guard dogs. Their playful nature does not mean they will not protect their families from any harm. They will loud bark when someone approaches the home and that means visitors beware!

Boxer dogs are also very sociable. They will get along well with other pets like cats and even other dog breeds too. They are easy to train, but you need to be consistent.

Boxer dogs are also very loyal to their family. They love to be by your side when you’re doing household chores. They will also follow you around the house when you’re home alone.

Boxers love humans! Boxers are friendly even to strangers. They are used for therapy work as well as service dogs. You can also adopt a boxer dog if you live in an apartment or a condo where there’s no yard or place for the dog to play.

Adopt Your Boxer

One downside of more and more pet owners finding what a wonderful breed the Boxer is that there are increased breeding and more and more abandoned Boxers. I urge you if you are looking for a new Boxer dog for your family, consider adopting from a local rescue or shelter. They will match you with a great dog in need of a forever home.

Share some of your favorite things about your Boxer that you feel makes the breed so popular in the comments below.

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