How Did The Boxer Dog Get Its Name

The Boxer dog has a long history and intriguing past. One of the most common questions I get is asked is how did the Boxer dog get it’s name. In this article I will share with you the details on the Boxer name origin as well as some other fun facts about the breed.

About the Boxer

Even though they are known for their zany activities, Boxers have become one of America’s most popular dog breeds. The breed is difficult to forget because to its distinctive appearance and unusual build.

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Many people fall in love with Boxers because of their wrinkled noses and droopy jowls, but their personality make it nearly hard to ignore a Boxer dog. Boxers are known for their intelligence and patience with youngsters, making them an excellent choice for families. Even though they enjoy exercise and physical exertion, they’re not afraid to curl up in front of the television.

Breed History

The Boxer is a unique dog breed that dates all the way back to the late 1800s in Germany. However, although Boxers have only been around for a very short time, their traits have been depicted on tapestries from the 16th century. Bullenbeissers, a now-extinct breed employed to hunt huge game and watch over cattle, had several of these features.

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George Alt was the first person to breed the Boxer we know and love today. Alt acquired a Bullenbeisser from France while living in Munich. Her progeny were the ancestors of the present Boxer breed, which was named after her.

How Did the Boxer Dog Get It’s Name?

It is probable that the name “Boxer” is derived from two different sources. It’s possible that the name is derived from Bullenbeisser, or that the breed was given the name because of its inclination to “box” each other with its front paws. Although there is no clear history of the name, the former is more likely than the latter, although being less amusing. Even if it’s a misconception, you can see why Boxers are referred to as Boxers if you’ve ever seen one play with another dog or their owner.

Fun Boxer Facts

The wacky mannerisms of American boxer dogs have long been well-known. As well as their standard wiggle, the “kidney bean,” when they get really giddy, they curl into a semi-circle and spin around!

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Many well-known people’s pets of choice, boxers. Chelsea Handler and her boxer, Jax, used to promote Chelsea’s dog food charity, Dog for Dog, on the red carpet. A pit bull-boxer mix named Sophie was adopted by Jennifer Aniston in 2012, and she normally has at least two or three dogs in her life. While out for walks with their boxers, Buckley and Brennan, actress Jessica Biel and her husband, pop star Justin Timberlake, have regularly been photographed by paparazzi.

In conclusion, although their is not clear answer as to where the Boxer name originates we figure it is from one of two origins. For me personally I always tell people they get their name from how they like to box with their front paws.

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