Is A Boxer A Good Family Dog

I have a boxer and she is a great family dog. I am an animal lover that loves to travel and explore new places in the world with my dog. Our Boxer is part of our family and almost always travels with us to new places and I could not imagine not having her with us.

Boxers are known for being loyal and exuberant companions that love to play with kids and other animals of all ages – but it can be difficult caring for them because they need exercise, attention, and stimulation unlike any other breed. Because of this I think hiking is a better activity than walking the dogs around your neighborhood because they will get more out of their experience while you are working and you don’t need to worry about the smell or mess.

You can also do obedience training with your dog, especially if you have a puppy. This will help them get better control of their bodies and your dog’s athleticism can be developed, which is something I think is very important because you want your dog to be as close to perfect as possible. If this happens they will become even better around children, other animals and strangers.

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Among all the dog breeds, boxer is the breed which is considered as a working dog. They are very active and energetic dogs, due to this they need to get exercise daily. It is important to take your boxer for an agility course or dog park every now and then so they can be sociable with other animals and people.

I think it is important to socialize your boxer when they are young so they can become better with other people, animals and strangers in general. If your boxer is very friendly and well-behaved it will be able to help you take care of other children around.

Boxers are great companions for kids because they are extremely energetic and playful. If you have small kids at home, you can involve them in some games with your dog while they are young so they can have a fun time playing together and get along better as time goes on. Boxers are also very keen to realize when someone is smaller than them. I can always remember how gentle our Boxer played with our kids when they were young. Of course, you should always supervise any activity between a dog and young child but our Boxers were always great with our kids and their friends.

Boxers are a very friendly and loyal family dogs. They are also very playful, if sometimes they tend to get so excitable that they knock things over and chew on things that aren’t theirs. If you are looking for a dog, I think you should consider this breed.

A final note of a reason why the Boxer is such a great family dog is they are very in tune with their family’s emotions. They seem to pickup on when someone is in the mood to play and come running with a toy or if someone had a rough day they will curl up on the sofa with you.

For all these reasons and several I know I missed is why I feel the Boxer is a great family dog and makes such a wonderful addition to so many families. Let us know about your Boxer and how it does with your family in the comments below.

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