Stop Boxer Dog from Jumping Up

We all love Boxers and their fun personality but one habit that I have encountered with all of my Boxers are their tendency to want to jump up on people. Today we are doing to walk through some Boxer puppy training exercises you can do at home to keep your Boxer from jumping up.

Why Do Boxer Dogs Jump Up On People?

Boxer dogs usually jump on people to say hello. Many Boxers aren’t naturally shy, and they’ll pound their tails on the ground, circle around a newcomer, or give a short lick. Dogs in this breed are extremely outgoing and expressive. So, to say “hi” to a Boxer is a big deal.

When a Boxer gets excited to see the person, they jump higher. A Boxer is likely to jump up when they’ve been left alone at home for a time, or when they’re greeted by someone they really appreciate the company of.

However, despite the fact that some people may stumble back, this is not the goal of the Boxer. The idea is to be on a more equal physical level with a person, and bring their face up to theirs. Hellos aren’t meant to be performed on someone’s arm or leg, after all.

Some Boxers like to lick, while others do not. The key goal is to get the other person’s attention and have the satisfaction of knowing that the Boxer is clearly pleased to see them.

Before Starting Establish Leader of the Pack

An owner must be viewed as a leader in order for training to be effective. Because of this, you will not be able to command or be listened to.

You could take it for granted that your Boxer intuitively understands that you are in charge. The world is viewed differently by dogs than it is by humans. When it comes to money, your Boxer has no notion what you went through to get him. He has no understanding that you own the house, and he has no idea how much you spend on all those fun treats and toys.

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For this reason, it is imperative that you establish yourself as the Alpha (Leader) in your household before attempting to teach your Boxer to quit jumping up. Below are three areas you can work on to teach your Boxer you are the Alpha.

First and foremost, you need to eat. Dogs are able to communicate with food in a way that no other element can; they realize that food equals survival. As a result, whoever provides the meal is held in high regard, and this alone might elevate that individual to the position of leader. Every time a meal is served or a snack is given, you will want your Boxer to obey a “Sit.” Once the sit command is obeyed, wait a full ten seconds before continuing.

Entry and exit procedures. It is customary for the leader to be the first to enter and exit the den. Command a ‘Sit’, cross the doorway, and then let your Boxer follow you whether you’re leaving or entering.

Heel. He might take this to suggest that he can take charge in other areas of his life as well. Keep your Boxer on a leash and harness, and keep him on your left side at all times.

Training Methods for Getting Your Boxer to Stop Jumping Up

All of these methods work best when implemented when your Boxer is a puppy and not had years doing this bad habit but with a little work and patience even old dogs can learn new tricks and obedience. The key is going to be consistency, consistency, consistency!

Method 1: Extinguish Method

This method is going to use negative reinforcement to help train your Boxer not to jump. Since the goal of jumping for your Boxer is to get your or others attention we will provide the opposite. A few examples of things to do when your Boxer jumps include:

  • Turn away
  • Reward the Boxer each time he is on the ground and return to ignoring when they jump Method 2:

Method 2: Replacement Method

Another suitable training method for getting your Boxer to stop jumping is using a replacement method. In this training activity, we will look to first replace the jumping with another activity such as sit and then reward your Boxer only when they do the new activity.

Method 3: Petting and Attention Method

Another great way to train your Boxer not to jump on people is by using the petting and attention method. In this training technique, we will first pet your Boxer when they are sitting and then stop when they jump. This may be difficult for the person being jumped on.

Example: My neighbor is training his Boxer and was walking him down the street, after a few minutes he started to walk faster, his dog got excited and jumped on him, so my neighbor stopped walking and let his dog come along side of him. I’m not sure if he understood that jumping was not a good thing. So I tried to explain how important the walk is for the dog so he would stop jumping up and we keep walking. He did eventually stop and started to sniff things on the ground as we walked.

The reason why I think that he understood is because I stopped petting him and we started to walk again and he stayed calm. Then when my neighbor was about to put his hand in his pocket, the dog jumped, he then stopped and petted him. Then after all of this, we started to walk again.

Conclusion: So remember if you are training your Boxer to not jump on people go through the techniques one by one in order to make sure that your Boxer understands what you are trying to tell them. These are just a few examples of successful methods that you can use to train your Boxer.

If all else fails, you should take the time to get to know a professional dog trainer in your area and attend some lessons. If a behavior change is too overwhelming for you, find out how you can hire a dog trainer to come over and help you with every stubborn habit your dog may be displaying.

If you follow these tips you should have no problem getting your Boxer to stop jumping. Good Luck!

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